North Ben V3 accessories and you share a customer centered design of new products, to expand the market as the goal of technical support – the technology center to ensure the smooth performance of China oil V3ET traction vehicle order

 In July 10, 2018, the group held the launching ceremony of CNPC V3ET tractor in the technical center. The technical support for these vehicles should be started three months ago.

The technology center took the initiative to explore the technical support work and began participating in the negotiation of the orders from the intention communication at the end of April. To ensure that the technical state of V3 fittings in North Ben is fully in line with the needs of the user, vice president Wang Ruixin and deputy director of the vehicle, Wang Li, have communicated with the sales manager many times, combing the customer's requirements, from the configuration of the whole vehicle, the requirement of the parameters, even the position of the color strip and the user's identity. In order to meet the custom-made needs of the V3 parts of North Ben, ensure the information transmission is not different, the designers directly connect with the users and establish the fast channel of technical information transmission.

In mid May, when the company received a formal contract, the technology center issued an overall coordination card on that day, flexibly arranging the design information release node. To ensure the procurement cycle, the main parts instructions were issued that night.

Because 5 contracts were received at the same time, both the configuration of the North Ben V3 accessories and their special requirements were confused. In general, comrade Liu Yinfeng and Gao Haiwen overcome the difficulties of heavy workload and tight tasks, and closely cooperate with each other and proofread each other. The designers of component departments have also overcome the difficult and varied problems in the design state. During the period, the user's request has been repeated many times and the design scheme has changed many times, but all the designers are not anxious and impatient. They always keep the heart of the service sales, and try to organize their own design work.

360 new technologies, such as panoramic image system, lane departure warning system, pre collision warning system and so on, have been customized for the first time. The technology center has tackled key technologies in stages and at different levels, and achieved a breakthrough in key technologies. Wei Lei, engineer Yin Yubin and Guo Huifen, the director of electrical appliances, not only strictly according to the new product development process to determine the technical state, but also actively coordinate the production samples of suppliers. After the start of the production of the model, the whole process of the whole weather tracking assembly process is all the way, and the whole process is involved in the experiment to ensure that the new product is delivered to the user with the image of the United States. The technology center always insists that no matter new technology, old technology, hand over to users, it must be mature technology.

Starting from the end of April, the official contract was received in mid May, the production began in mid June, the formal delivery to the user in July 10th, the full tracking of the technology center, scientific decision-making, reasonable division of labor and careful planning, ensuring that the technical requirements of the vehicle fully met the customization requirements of the user, and completed the order delivery for three months, successfully completed the order delivery. Business.

The successful completion of the order development task indicates that the technology center takes the opportunity of order development as an opportunity, and actively tries to open the model of technical service forward looking forward. It will certainly contribute to the company's rapid contribution to the market.