Baotou North rush parts and you share with you to pay attention to the construction of grass-roots party organizations to boost production and operation to enhance efficiency and improve efficiency — the general Party branch of the cab manufacturing company of “the 2017 advanced grass-roots party organization of North Ben heavy steam”

 In 2017, the general Party branch of the North Ben heavy truck cab manufacturing company carried out a thorough implementation of the strict party management requirements, rammed the foundation for the construction of the grass-roots party organization and constantly stimulated the vitality of the grass-roots party organizations, and the role of the grass-roots party organization in fighting fortress was effectively played. For three consecutive years, he was awarded the advanced grassroots party organization of North Ben heavy truck.

In the past year, the party general branch of the Baotou North rush auto parts cab manufacturing company has been steadily carrying out the "root" "soul" project, pushing forward the strong foundation project of the party organization and deepening the innovation of the party members. According to the basic organizational life system of the party, 10 systems have been formulated from the "three sessions", the organization of life and the party's public affairs, which provide institutional support for the work norms of the grass-roots branches and lay a solid foundation for them. At the same time, the system of branch secretaries and members of the members of the organization has been established, and the guidance, service and management of the work of the grass-roots branch are strengthened, and the quality of the party building at the grass-roots level is steadily improved.

The party general branch has continuously deepened the innovation project of the party members. In 2017, 98 projects were completed and 48 practical problems were solved, the value of more than 61.8 million yuan was created, and the high quality completed the target of the project. At the same time, we also put forth effort to promote the construction of "Xue Zaizhan Innovation Studio" demonstration point, hard work in the hardware facilities and management system standards, focus on the difficult problems of production management, determine the innovative projects and implementation plans, and solve the production bottlenecks of three bottles of sensor parts equipment, interior plate modification positioning and opening tools. Narrow mouth problem 6, a great service to production and management.

Baotou North rush parts cab manufacturing company party general branch to actively promote the landing of cost reduction work, organization set up a party innovation group, the backlog of the backlog of Baotou North Ben auto body cab assembly, components, raw materials to carry out technological improvement and innovation, for a year to reactivate the backlog of 2 million 514 thousand yuan. At the same time, focusing on the key work of safety production and improving the quality of products, actively innovating the work method of Party building, organizing the activities of "party building + safety production", "party members without accident", "party building + promotion of product quality", "dry quality products, qualified Party members" and so on. The overall promotion made a contribution.