Abnormal consumption of engine oil in northern Mercedes Benz military vehicle accessories? Why?


Analysis of reasons for oil consumption

Reasons for oil consumption

During engine operation, engine oil lubricates various important components (such as turbochargers, pistons, cylinder liners, etc.). During this process, some of the oil will be burned, while others will be evaporated by the engine's high heat and discharged from the respirator. When the engine is suspected to be burning oil, the North Mercedes Benz military vehicle parts should first use the correct method for oil consumption detection, and at the same time, the engine's working condition (smoke exhaust, power, lower exhaust, etc.) should be checked, as well as whether the engine is leaking oil.

The engine oil consumption of all Sany models is within the normal range of 0.2% (2 liters of oil are consumed for every 1000 liters of fuel burned).

1. There is a certain tolerance range for the matching of various components in the engine parts of the Northern Mercedes Benz military vehicle. The differences in assembly tolerances between these components can lead to different oil consumption even for machines of the same model.

2. Due to different equipment operating conditions, there may be differences in oil consumption. The higher the engine load and temperature, the lower the viscosity of the oil, and the more oil enters the combustion chamber.

3. When the machine is operating in tilted or uneven areas, the oil in the oil pan shakes back and forth, constantly colliding with the high-speed rotating crankshaft, forming a mist that is discharged from the ventilation port to the outside, causing an increase in oil consumption.

Reasons for abnormal oil consumption

1. The air filter and oil filter of the northern Mercedes Benz military vehicle accessories are not replaced properly. Dirty air and oil contaminated by the plate can cause abnormal wear of the piston cylinder liner, which will increase the consumption of oil.

2. Using inferior fuel can generate carbon deposits and harmful substances in the combustion chamber, which can lead to abnormal wear of cylinder liners and pistons and increase oil consumption.


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