Baotou beiben heavy truck accessories share with you [attentive service] to improve service ability and improve maintenance technology



In the golden autumn, the weather is getting colder and colder, which still can't stop the strong learning enthusiasm of the service providers. On November 13, 2020, a total of 45 information workers and technical backbones from service providers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui provinces gathered in Nanjing to participate in the service business training and exchange seminar sponsored by beiben heavy truck service and support business department and co organized by Jiangsu Office and Nanjing dongyixiang center.

Beiben heavy truck service and support business division adopts the training mode of going out and inviting in to meet the training needs of service providers, business backbones and users all over the country, and actively carries out service business / technical exchange training activities.

The exchange and study meeting of Baotou beiben heavy truck accessories is mainly divided into three parts: one is to interpret the service policy for service providers in detail; the second is to explain the solidification of three guarantees declaration process, business process of warranty accessories and the use and promotion of service app; the third is to train the diagnosis and troubleshooting methods of common electrical faults.

During the training, the three training teachers got along with the on-site personnel and the participants through the practical drill of simple explanation in simple words. The training teachers explained all kinds of questions raised by the on-site personnel in the daily service.

Electrical knowledge training, is the training will be pushed to a climax. The training teacher of Baotou beiben heavy truck accessories, combined with years of experience in electrical fault treatment and solid theoretical foundation, explained the knowledge of beiben electrical technology through the combination of theory and practice.

The recognition of users is a great recognition of the work done by beiben heavy truck service guarantee division. Baotou beiben Heavy Truck Accessories Co., Ltd. will work together with users to provide users with what they need. With practical actions, we will practice the service concept of maximizing the value of products in the whole life cycle.