Research group of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Federation of trade unions came to beiben heavy truck to investigate the staff innovation studio

On the afternoon of July 20, Liu Zhizhong, deputy director of Economic Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Federation of trade unions, Xu Tengfei, chief staff member, and Yin Xiaomei, director of economic and Technological Department of Baotou Federation of trade unions, conducted a survey on "autonomous region level Xue zaizan Innovation Studio" of beiben heavy truck. Wang Tiesheng, chairman of the board of supervisors of the company, and Zhang guangbin, director of the party masses work department, accompanied the investigation.

The research group listened to Xue zaizan's introduction to the studio, and had a detailed understanding of the team building, work effectiveness, innovative performance, talent training, demonstration effect, etc. The research group gave a high evaluation of the company's Innovation Studio, believing that the operation of beiben heavy truck Innovation Studio is standardized, the system is sound, and the effect is remarkable.

Beiben heavy truck has 6 innovation studios for model workers (employees), including 1 Innovation Studio at autonomous region level, 3 innovation studios at Baotou city level and 2 company level. The model worker (employee) studio adheres to the problem orientation in the innovation work, and strives to solve the company's problems in technical transformation, technical innovation, quality improvement, and safety production. At the same time, it strengthens talent training and achievement creation, and gives full play to the leading and exemplary role, making positive contributions to the company's innovation and development.