Beiben V3 Accessories Share with You the Must Read Experience of Engine Maintenance

 Fuel oil

Because our trucks basically use diesel engines with high thermal efficiency and high power, the fuel oil here mainly refers to diesel. Like automobile gasoline, automobile diesel also has different labels, and the basis for dividing diesel oil is the freezing point of diesel oil.

For example, our common No. 0 diesel oil is suitable for use at temperatures ranging from 8 to 4 degrees Celsius, and – 10 diesel oil is suitable for use at temperatures ranging from 4 to – 5 degrees Celsius.

In daily use, it's better not to wait until the tank is in the end to refuel. Because of the characteristics of some models, fuel pump relies on fuel to dissipate heat. If the fuel has reached the lowest scale, it is possible that the fuel pump "bare" on the fuel surface, can not get timely heat dissipation and internal wear accelerated or early wear, internal heat short circuit, burning and other situations occur.

Engine oil

Engine oil, engine lubricant, also known as the "blood" of automobiles, has the important functions of sealing, lubricating, cleaning and cooling. Generally speaking, it is necessary to replace semi-synthetic oil once at 7500 km, or completely synthetic oil once at 1000 km.

In daily inspection, it is necessary to add oil rationally according to the scale line of the oil gauge; in the process of changing seasons, we should also pay attention to the rational matching and proper use of oil.

Brake fluid

The brake oil of Beibei V3 fittings is the medium of transmitting pressure in the braking system and an important guarantee for safe driving. When the brake oil is used for too long, the cup and piston in the brake pump will be worn out, which will affect the braking effect.

Kayou need to always pay attention to the level of brake oil pot, not below the lower limit. It is recommended that brake oil be replaced every two years or every 350,000 kilometers. But also pay attention to not excessive addition of brake oil, in order to avoid oil spraying to high-temperature engines, resulting in corrosion and even burning of engine parts.

Transmission oil

Since it is necessary to lift the vehicle to check the transmission oil of Beiben V3 fittings, we can check the transmission oil to see if it is necessary to replace the transmission oil when replacing the engine oil. In case of need of replacement, it is necessary to measure accurately so as to avoid damage of transmission parts of Beibei V3 fittings caused by excessive or too little oil.

In a word, choosing high-quality oil and insisting on regular maintenance can not only ensure the safety of truck drivers, but also protect the engine well under various road conditions, so that drivers can really travel without worries.

The above rules are about how to maintain the truck engine related matters, I hope to provide you with some convenience and help.