Baotou Beiben Heavy Truck Accessories Sharing Article: Taking Green and Low Carbon Transportation as the Key to Help Anji Achieve High Quality Development – Beiben Heavy Truck Participated in the 2023 China (Anji) Pure Electric New Energy Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

From November 17th to November 19th, the 3-day 2023 China (Anji) Pure Electric New Energy Commercial Vehicle Exhibition was grandly opened at the Anji Passenger Transport Center. Zhao Shuangqin, Director of the Anji County Engineering Transport Vehicle Pure Electric Organic Renewal Special Office, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Transportation Bureau, and other relevant leaders attended the opening ceremony. Li Yunfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck, visited key customers at the exhibition site for guidance.

In order to participate in this exhibition, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck and its channel partner Hangzhou Xiaobang conducted on-site visits and research on major commercial vehicle enterprises in the Anji region, fully understanding the transportation environment and demand of customers' vehicles, and developing exhibition plans. In order to meet the needs of the Anji market, it was ultimately decided to focus on showcasing two new energy products, Beiben 350 degree pure electric dump truck and Baotou Beiben heavy truck accessory tractor, at this exhibition.

During the exhibition, there were people coming and going in front of the Beiben booth, and many owners and car owners of Anji engineering transportation companies stopped in front of the Beiben booth to check in. They all boarded the driver's cab for an experience, and even squatted under the car to conduct detailed observation. The on-site staff carefully introduced the technical parameters of the vehicle to all guests, and explained the advantages of new energy vehicles such as power batteries, financial solutions, and Baotou Beiben heavy truck accessories. For customers who are willing to book a car in the near future, the staff also negotiated for the replacement of old cars and receiving government rewards, which can be said to have yielded fruitful results.

Anji is the birthplace of the concept of "green waters and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains". In order to promote the electrification of engineering transportation vehicles, Anji County has undergone nearly a year of planning, discussion, argumentation, and soliciting opinions. At the beginning of this month, the Anji County government held a kickoff meeting and issued the "Implementation Opinions" and supporting subsidy measures. This exhibition provides a platform for consultation, negotiation, and cooperation among various heavy-duty truck brands.

Yao Jianli, General Manager of Hangzhou Xiaobang, said in an interview that a large number of Beiben New Energy heavy-duty trucks have been put into use in the Zhejiang region, which represents the position of Beiben New Energy in the Zhejiang market. The green and low-carbon transportation solution created by Beiben Heavy Truck is very suitable for the application scenarios of Anji. Baotou Beiben Heavy Truck Accessories Beiben's product technology is excellent, coupled with a series of support policies in Anji County, we are confident in taking a share of the pie and helping Anji achieve high-quality development, protect the beauty of green water and green mountains, and expand the gold and silver mountains. In practice, we have turned "green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains" into a vivid reality.

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