Baotou Beiben Heavy Truck Accessories Sharing Article “Benben” and South Africa Jointly Build the “the Belt and Road”


On October 24th, at 8:30 local time in South Africa (14:30 Beijing time), Zhao Xiaoming, an engineer from Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Group, arrived at the Beiben factory located in Petersburg on time. Here, a batch of new cars are being assembled and he needs to be on site at any time to solve the technical problems encountered by the workers. This is his fifth year of deployment to South Africa.

Ten years after the proposal of jointly building the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, with the pace of Chinese brands going to sea, many Beiben people went abroad with high-quality heavy truck products and the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, went to jointly build the "the Belt and Road" countries, promoted high-quality products, technologies and services, and promoted communication, cooperation and common development.

In 2010, Beiben Heavy Truck crossed mountains and seas and established ESI Company in South Africa, becoming the first Chinese automobile manufacturer to establish a factory locally, and creating a new foreign trade model for the group's localized production abroad.

Through continuous localized operations and iterative updates, the company has formed an ecosystem throughout the entire lifecycle of products in South Africa, including procurement, production, sales, modification, and service, driving the development of local industries.

Beiben "Power Star" has become a well-known brand in South Africa, with top sales in the engineering vehicle segment market. It is widely used in road construction, mining, real estate development, and other fields to assist in local infrastructure construction.

Users say that our car has a strong ability to climb hills, is comfortable and durable, and has a higher cost-effectiveness. "In a video interview with reporters, the Chinese representative used simple language to explain the secrets of Beiben's renowned South African heavy truck market -" high-quality, "" affordable, "and" applicable.

Improving and optimizing the local adaptability of vehicles required in South Africa is an important task for the Chinese staff stationed in South Africa. In 2022, the company conducted research and found out that local users have a demand for trailer tilting in towing vehicles, and promptly developed and designed a plan to increase the power take-off. This "localization" transformation has made this car popular and paved the way for the introduction of similar models, adding new economic growth points to the market.

After years of interaction, local technician Thabang not only saw talent from his Chinese colleagues, but also the sincerity of open cooperation among Chinese enterprises. Every time we assemble a new car model, Chinese 'masters' will teach us hand in hand and often engage in in-depth technical exchanges with us, patiently and without reservation. "Thabang said that working in a Chinese company and working with Chinese friends has enabled him to gain a lot of work experience and improve his technical level.

Cloud Service "is a real-time online communication and solution service launched by Beiben for overseas customers. Baotou Beiben Heavy Truck Accessories relies on the support of a professional technical team in China to provide online technical guidance and solutions for global users. High quality remote and real-time online services run through the entire process of sales and use, becoming a guarantee of Beiben's quality and providing sufficient technical reserves for the Beiben brand to go further.

There are only four Chinese staff members at ESI Company in South Africa, who use Chinese style "genuine sincerity" to unite over 170 colleagues with white, black, yellow, and brown skin into a harmonious and friendly family.

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