Baotou Beiben heavy truck accessories share with you that driving temperature is slow in winter? Maybe there’s something wrong with them!

As the weather gets colder and colder, it is believed that when driving in the north, most of you will encounter the problem of slow temperature rise during cold start. After all, the temperature in the north will become very low in winter. When the vehicle starts, the water temperature rises slowly, which will increase the fuel consumption to some extent. In this issue, let's talk about the problem of driving temperature rise in winter.

The engine heats up slowly. There may be something wrong with the thermostat

When the customers are driving in winter in the north, because the weather temperature is low, the internal temperature of the engine and the temperature of the coolant itself are also low. If the operating temperature of the engine is not high enough, it is likely that the engine will not burn fully, which will lead to a longer time for the engine to warm up, or even cause the vehicle to catch fire, leading to "failure to start" or "shutdown". Therefore, the engine's cold protection becomes more important when driving in winter.

Is there any way to keep the engine warm? Let's start with the thermostat. The valve that is mainly responsible for controlling the coolant flow path is an automatic temperature regulator, which is arranged on the path between the engine and the radiator. In terms of functionality, the thermostat can automatically adjust the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the coolant, and adjust the cooling capacity of the cooling system by changing the water circulation range, so as to ensure that the engine can work within the appropriate temperature range.

If you think the car heats up too slowly when starting, you should consider whether there is a problem with the thermostat. How to judge the thermostat failure? When the engine of Baotou Beiben heavy truck accessories runs cold, observe whether there is coolant flowing out from the inlet pipe of the water chamber of the water tank. If there is, it means that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be closed normally; On the contrary, if the temperature of the engine reaches the point where the thermostat is opened, but no coolant flows out of the water inlet pipe of the upper water chamber of the water tank, it means that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened normally.

● Electric silicon oil fan clutch provides more accurate temperature control

As an important part of the engine cooling system of Baotou Beiben heavy truck accessory, the electrically controlled silicon oil fan clutch can not only directly read the ECU signal of the engine control module, but also achieve more accurate control of the speed of the cooling fan through the internal solenoid valve of the fan clutch according to the information provided by the temperature sensors in various parts of the engine, so as to reduce or increase the temperature in the engine, It can also effectively reduce fuel consumption and bring less exhaust emissions.

At present, most of the large displacement commercial vehicles in China, such as 7-liter, 11-liter and 13-liter engines in the fifth and sixth stages of China, use electrically controlled silicone oil fan clutches, and even a few use electromagnetic fans. What problems will happen to the clutch to affect the temperature control of the engine?

The common fault is that the fan does not rotate or runs poorly, and there is only one speed. For example, the spiral bimetallic temperature sensor of the fan is broken, causing the fan to not rotate; The fatigue failure of the metal plate temperature sensor leads to the failure of the fan to work in time, which affects the performance of the engine. Also, the oil storage chamber and working chamber are not tightly sealed, and the loss of silicone oil affects torque transmission.

● Heating hood+air inlet grille active and passive mode to help heat up

In addition to the thermostat and electrically controlled silicone oil fan clutch mentioned above, veterans have also developed a variety of external thermal insulation methods, such as adding a thermal shield to the front cover of the vehicle, including universal, customized, simple self-made, etc. With them, the engine can reach an ideal working temperature as soon as possible, which can ensure that the engine can quickly warm up after cold start, save fuel consumption and reduce engine wear caused by low temperature. Of course, when adding thermal shields, you must wrap them up tightly, otherwise they will be useless.

In addition, with the progress of science and technology, more and more models no longer need to add thermal shields. This is because many heavy truck models are equipped with AGS function (active grille opening and closing system), such as Jiefang Yingtu, Heavy Truck Huanghe and other models. The system can automatically control the opening angle of the air inlet grille of the front cover according to the current working conditions of the vehicle and the engine temperature to help the engine warm up or dissipate heat and accelerate the engine warming process. However, because the system contains multiple sensors, if there is any problem, the card users still go to a professional service station for maintenance and repair.

● Conclusion

On the whole, a truck is a machine with huge parts, and a tiny part may play a very important role. So, when maintaining a car, you must pay attention to it. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. As for the problem of driving temperature in winter, what else do you think may be the cause,

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