Baotou beiben heavy truck parts to share with you, correct six mistakes in truck maintenance, ensure life safety

Due to the characteristics of long driving distance and long driving cycle, when the body of the truck breaks down, it can not guarantee that it can find the maintenance station in time every time. Therefore, in order not to affect the transportation efficiency, most truck drivers will master some basic skills in vehicle repair. However, the characteristics of high load and high horsepower of trucks also make their risk factor doubled in the process of maintenance. If we do not pay attention to the hidden dangers, it may bring great losses to people and property. Today, we will list several common safety hazards in the process of truck maintenance.

Tire bulge and burst

It has been heard from time to time that the steel wire layer inside the truck tire will break after long-term use. If the tire is not replaced in time, the degree of damage will become more and more serious with the driving of the tire, and eventually the tire bulge will be formed.

After the formation of bulge, the compression capacity of the tire will become very uneven. At this time, the tire disassembly machine should be used to replace the tire in time. Many tire explosions are caused by the maintenance personnel hitting the tire drum with crowbar or other tools.

The maximum tire pressure of the car is 10kg / cm2, which is equivalent to the pressure on the bottom of the 30 story high water column. Suppose the tire pressure is 5kg per square centimeter and the gas explodes in an instant. The shock wave generated in a short distance is enough to break the human bone.

Use the auxiliary start switch carefully

The auxiliary start switch on the truck is often used in maintenance. However, when the auxiliary start switch of Baotou beiben heavy truck is short circuited, it is necessary to ensure that the gearbox is in neutral, otherwise the truck will move with gear. If there is no driver in the cab, it will cause serious consequences.

Although some engine ECUs need to receive the neutral switch signal at present, the neutral switch is still short circuited in some models, so it is recommended to check the gear when using the auxiliary start switch.

Do not remove the oil pipe joint

With the popularity of electronic control engine, the maintenance of engine has become more complex, and the disassembly of oil pipe joint needs more careful operation.

When the diesel engine equipped with high pressure common rail works, the maximum fuel pressure generated in it can reach more than 2000 bar. The pressure produced is equivalent to a car pressing on the nail plate. If it hurts people, it will have unimaginable consequences. The best way is to wait for Baotou beiben heavy truck accessories engine to stop completely and complete pressure relief, and then dismantle the oil pipe.

There are hidden dangers in opening the water tank cover at will

When the engine is running overheated and the heat dissipation efficiency is poor, the water tank of Baotou beiben heavy truck parts will be hot and even boil. At this time to avoid immediate flameout (flameout after the radiator will stop working), looking for a safe place to park, keep the engine idle, in order to fully dissipate heat.

Do not open the water tank cap until the temperature of the water tank is reduced to a safe level, otherwise the uncooled liquid will be sprayed out. The correct method is to wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the first switch (about 1 / 4 turn), and open the water tank cover only after the steam pressure is completely released.

Pay attention to the correct way to install the tire

Try to use special tools when installing tires and operate in a safe environment. Some truck drivers worry that the screw is not strong enough when they install the tire. They often tighten it by stepping on the crowbar. This will not only damage the screw, but also the rebound of the crowbar may hurt the operator.

Cab lifting cannot be ambiguous

In the process of repairing the truck engine, it is often necessary to lift the cab and turn it over. During operation, the cab must not be lifted to the end. The device can not work and may fall down under the influence of external force. It will cause irreparable damage if there are personnel present at the engine location.