Baotou North Benz parts share with you how to maintain the truck in winter? Small tricks, quickly collect!

As the temperature continues to drop and the road conditions become more and more complex, it is more and more difficult for carders to travel. In winter, we must do a good job in vehicle maintenance in advance, safe travel, rest assured travel.

Next, let's introduce some knowledge about the maintenance that we usually use

Oil selection

Choose lubricating oil with lower viscosity level. The engine oil used in winter and summer is different. It is necessary to select proper vehicle lubricating oil according to the ambient temperature. If not selected properly, the oil will not only have no lubrication effect, but also damage the truck. It is easy to cause the vehicle engine to start difficult or unable to start, the vehicle running wear increases and so on. Increase the working resistance of Baotou North Benz parts engine, aggravate parts wear and increase fuel consumption.

Essential antifreeze

Whether the antifreeze is antifreeze is the key to the truck running. For the engine will not "overheat" plays an important role. In winter, most of the temperature is below zero. If ordinary water is used as cooling medium, it will make Baotou North Benz accessory engine unable to start normally, or even cause serious damage to the engine.

Sensitive battery

Battery is the most afraid of low temperature, low temperature, battery storage capacity will be reduced. Domestic trucks generally use lead-acid batteries with electrolyte to increase the storage capacity of batteries. Each joint can also be coated with special grease to prevent joint damage.

Inspection of brake system and

It's very important to check whether the brake fluid and the brake cylinder in the north can not be frozen in winter. It's very important to check whether the brake fluid in the brake tube is dry or not.

Tire thermal expansion and cold contraction

Winter tires will be harder than summer tires, softness will be reduced, friction coefficient will also be reduced, so winter tires should maintain the tire pressure suitable for winter temperature. Due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, the repaired tire may have air leakage and other phenomena, so the use of repaired tire can be avoided as far as possible.