Maintenance of Benz Accessories in North Baotou Secret for Safe Driving in Winter Rain and Snow Weather

 Don't go too far.

When the tire rotates at a high speed, its adhesion to the ground will decrease and it is very easy to slip. Car friends remember to slowly lift the clutch, light oil, if the start slip phenomenon, immediately take the throttle, gently adjust the steering wheel, to ensure that the vehicle into the right direction.

Do not change frequently.

When overtaking, it is necessary to maintain a safe distance from the overtaken vehicle, and after overtaking, it is not necessary to rush back to the original road, but to pull away enough distance from the rear vehicle before returning to the original road.

Avoid rush direction

In case of rain or snow, avoid hitting the steering wheel, accelerating or braking, and drive at as low a speed as possible. Snow can lead to snow on the road or muddy roads, which can reduce the grip of tires. If you encounter a sideslip while driving, release the throttle immediately. Don't slam on the brakes, it will probably cause sideslip. If a side slip has occurred, release the brake immediately so that the steering wheel can regain control of the car.

Slow steering, when turning, also need to slow down, properly increase the turning radius and slow packing head of the North Mercedes-Benz accessories steering wheel, steering wheel operation should be smooth and gentle, otherwise there will be sideslip, so that the rear of the car is thrown out to the outside.

Notices for Uphill and Downhill

When climbing up and down the ice and snow pavement, it is very dangerous. When climbing up, we must keep double distance from the front car and strive to complete the climb in one go. In case the wheel skids due to icing on the ground during climbing, sand or felt can be sprinkled on the front and back of the Benz parts wheel in the north of Baotou to increase friction. If necessary, tools can also be used to form trenches of hard ice on the ground to avoid wheel skidding. When downhill, it is necessary to change to the first gear smoothly and use the low gear to reduce the speed of driving.

Multi-use engine braking

In ice and snow pavement, low-grade slow driving is needed. To make full use of the "drag" brake of the engine of Benz parts in Baotou North to decelerate, it is much better to maintain the adhesion between the wheel and road by the "drag" brake of the engine than by using foot brake. If you want to drive at a low speed, you need to consider using lower gear and keeping the engine running at a slightly higher speed. If the throttle is raised gradually, the engine brake can be obtained. Whether or not the truck is equipped with ABS, it is better to pre-press the brake before braking, which can remind the rear car to slow down to avoid rear-end collision.