Common Knowledge of Maintenance of Parts of Baotou Beibei Heavy Truck Common Errors in Truck Maintenance and Replacement of Oil in Winter

The coldest winter of the year has arrived, and people have added clothes to protect themselves from the cold. In this cold temperature, the vehicle is undoubtedly facing a huge test, especially for the maintenance of the engine, which needs special attention. In winter, the engine coolant and lubricant are related to the life of the truck.

Correct maintenance is an important factor to ensure stable and efficient operation of trucks. Today, Xiaobian to tell you about the winter oil maintenance errors and often overlooked issues, I hope you can help.

Common mistakes

Misunderstanding 1

Maybe when many people choose engine oil, they have the idea that the better the oil, the more expensive it is, the better for the car. In fact, this idea is wrong.

Generally speaking, the oil film with good quality will be thinner and the protection effect will be better. The indexes of cleaning effect, sealing, power lifting, mute effect and engine start-up will be higher. However, the matching clearance technology of different types of engines is different, especially for some old machines with long time, it is possible to improve the performance of cleaning, sealing, power lifting, mute effect and engine start-up. There will be a series of problems such as burning oil, power decline and so on.

Misunderstanding two

Many people feel that more oil is needed when refueling. If too much oil is added, the friction resistance of all parts of Baotou heavy truck parts engine will increase, and the power loss of the engine will not pay off. Moreover, excessive oil will leap into the combustion chamber, which will cause the engine to burn engine oil and emit blue smoke when exhaust gas is discharged. The consumption of engine oil will increase significantly, and the carbon deposit in the engine will increase, even lead to premature combustion, knock and cylinder pulling, which will seriously damage the engine.

On the contrary, if there is too little oil, some parts of the engine such as cam tappet, valve and so on can not get enough lubrication. Therefore, it is better to refuel according to the prescribed quantity, check the oil quantity before each driving, to ensure that the oil can not be too much or too little.

Cold car oil

Avoid replacing the oil when the car is cold. Especially in winter, the fluidity of the oil is poor, and there will be more residual oil in the engine, which will cause the old oil to be discarded dirty. Should be in the case of hot cars, parking cooling for a moment to replace, at this time the oil fluidity is good, the old oil is relatively clean.

Regular cleaning of engine oil pan

During the operation of Baotou Beibei Heavy Truck Parts Engine, impurities in the combustion chamber pass through the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall and enter into the engine oil pan, mixing them with metal powder produced by parts wear and tear to form sludge.

A small amount of sludge can be suspended in the oil. When the equivalent is large, it precipitates from the oil, blockages the filter and the oil hole, which makes it difficult for the engine to lubricate, thus aggravating the engine wear and tear, increasing the fuel consumption and reducing the power of the engine, and seriously jamming the piston ring and pulling the cylinder.

Magnetic oil drain screw

The worn metal foam in the engine flows along the oil to the bottom of the oil pan. The magnetic screw will absorb these debris, which greatly protects Baotou's heavy truck fittings engine. Therefore, when replacing the oil, the magnetic oil drain bolts are also cleaned up.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of trucks in winter, it is very important to conduct thorough and careful maintenance and inspection. Be careful not to buy fake goods cheaply, otherwise they will lose money.