Baotou North Ben heavy truck accessories maintenance knowledge of special vehicle maintenance tips

 The card friends often have long-distance transport work, this high intensity work, in addition to the driver's friends is a very hard process, for the truck is also a test, in the working state of the year, heavy load, road far, vehicle loss can not be ignored. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first use his tools, and the maintenance of trucks is a "sharp weapon" process.

As the saying goes, the freight car is a seven – point maintenance three – point repair, regular and proper maintenance can maintain the good performance of the truck, prolong the service life of the vehicle, and also give the drivers a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

In addition to regular maintenance of professional repair shop, in daily life, there are also some easy and convenient tips for truck maintenance.

Next, introduce some practical small methods for card friends. Let's take a look.

Body cleaning

After a long period of driving, dirt, dust and oil stains will appear on the truck body. The drivers want to clean these traces. They only need a clean flannelette and gasoline to wipe them. After the gasoline evaporates, they wipe the body with a clean wet cloth.

The interior cleanliness of the car is also important. The driver's friends can dip the detergent or soapy water with a towel or sponge, carefully wipe the dashboard and other parts to remove the dust and oil stains in the car in time to keep the car clean and comfortable.

In addition, the acid contained in the rain will corrode the body surface of the body, so the car should be washed in time after the rain. After washing the car, the car should be parked in the cool place as far as possible to prevent the direct sunlight to cause the lacquer layer to fall off.

Windshield cleaning

The stain on the windshield of Baotou Bei Ben heavy truck parts will affect the sight of the truck driver, which has great security risks. During the driving process, a windshield wiper is an important part to ensure that the windshield is cleaned. In the course of long distance driving, the corrosion of strong light and rain will cause the aging and deformation of the glue bar of the wiper device. The driver's friends can often wipe the glue bar of the wiper with paper towel or cotton cloth and clean the dust on the glue bar in time. If the windshield is found to be deformed, it can not clean the windshield normally. The safety of driving should be changed in time.

In addition, after the trial car, all kinds of cards affixed to the windshield of Baotou Bei Ben heavy truck accessories are very difficult to remove, and often leave offset printing on the glass. To deal with it, the cards can be applied to the back of the sticker on the back of the sticker, and then wipe them with dry cloth after drying, so that they can clean them clean, and then clean the residual wind with a clean wet cloth.

Idle maintenance

In the idle time of the truck, the maintenance of the car can not be relaxed.

In order to prevent metal from rusting, oil or lubricant or oil paper can be used to coat easily corroded places.

In addition, the truck also has a lot of cotton goods, easy to absorb moisture and cause mildew, so during the idle period, try to stop the truck in the ventilation and dry place, and often check whether the cotton fabrics on the car are damp and dry in time.

Direct sunlight will result in the rapid aging and deformation of the trucks in Baotou North Ben heavy truck fittings, and the performance will be affected. To prevent such a situation, trucks should be kept in a cool place during the idle period to avoid direct sunlight.