North Ben V3 accessories to share with you North Ben heavy truck CNPC V3ET departure ceremony successfully held

 In July 10th, North Ben heavy truck held the V3ET departure ceremony of China Petroleum Transportation Company in the technical center. The breeze blows the white clouds, blocking the sun, bringing the cool, on the V3ET of the North Ben heavy card, which shows the cozy picture of the North Ben heavy steam and China oil "cooperation to win hand in hand".

The leader of North Ben heavy steam, which took part in the rite of departure, was Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of North Ben heavy steam, general manager Wang Baoying, deputy general manager Jin Zheng, general craftsman Liu Zaihai, assistant general manager and general manager Qi Yuxing of marketing company. CNPC led by Tang Chenggang, deputy manager of China Petroleum Inner Mongolia sales company, director of non oil department, Wu Ning, Secretary Zhang Songlin of the Party committee of China Petroleum transport Inner Mongolia company, deputy manager Liu Zhiguo, and Han Ying, general manager of Baotou Ninglu Oil Co., Ltd., etc., and Han Ying.

Wang Baoying said in his speech that North Ben heavy truck has been working with China Petroleum Inner Mongolia transport company for more than a decade, and the amount of more than 3000 vehicles used by CNPC in China's oil transport company, including oil and oil and non oil business, is over 2 billion. This shows the scale of cooperation between the two sides. The depth, degree and breadth of cooperation. A review of the changes in more than ten years of products, from 8X4 single to V3M economic transport vehicles, to V3ET high-end transport tractors, from two rows of country to country five emissions, shows the mutual growth and common development of the two sides, and the progress of promoting the industry together. The implementation of the six country will further accelerate and increase the application of safety technology. This traffic ceremony means that the North Ben heavy steam will further enhance the cooperation in all aspects of the China Petroleum transport company, mainly in the following aspects: first, promote the cooperation in the field of technology and the North rush to the North V3. A new product is introduced to China Petroleum transport company for the first time, the most advanced, the top end, and the world. At present, more than 300 V3ET high end transport tractors are purchased. In the second aspect, the cooperation in the service field provides a powerful guarantee for the whole life cycle of the V3 parts car of North Ben. On the third hand, we will increase and deepen the application and advancement of the technology of the Internet of vehicles. On the fourth hand, the North Ben heavy truck will expand the cooperation between the two industries. Finally, Wang Bao Ying warmly welcomed the arrival of China Petroleum leadership and wished the departure ceremony a complete success.

Tang Chenggang said that the grand launch ceremony marked a deeper, wider and higher level of cooperation between the China Petroleum Inner Mongolia sales company and North Ben heavy steam and China's oil transport company, and will also open a new field for the three parties to win hand in hand. North Ben heavy steam always insists on the task of revitalizing the national heavy vehicle industry, in order to create the Chinese brand as its own goal, in the fierce market competition, changing the marketing model, perfecting the marketing network, optimizing the structure of the V3 accessories products, improving the operation ability, and the influence and competitiveness of the brand. Since the new leadership of the China Petroleum Inner Mongolia sales company, China Petroleum Sales Company has attached great importance to the cooperation between the two sides. In the two years, the two sides have carried out a number of different levels, different ways of deep communication and communication, and have carried out the cooperation of related business, laying a solid foundation for the further cooperation. Zhang Songlin said the launch ceremony will be a new milestone in the more than 10 years of cooperation between China oil transport Inner Mongolia and North Ben heavy steam, which indicates that the three parties are better, more comprehensive and more in-depth cooperation in the future.

In the sound of firecrackers, the north bound V3ET high-end transport tractor was officially sent to the first line of PetroChina transportation. The departure ceremony was a success.