Baotou North Ben heavy duty accessories share with you the chairman of North Ben heavy truck supervisory board, Guo Pingxiao, taking the lead to investigate North African market.

 At the invitation of the Morocco and Algeria partners, Guo Pingxiao, chairman of the North rush supervisory committee and the assistant general manager of the import and export company, Bao Yalong went deep into the market development of the two countries from May 1st to May 11th with the group of the north company, to understand the changes in the demand for the local heavy card market and the quasi entry regulations, and to seek potential cooperation intentions. Strengthen communication with key customers, expand the North Ben heavy truck brand Baotou North Ben heavy truck accessories popularity, promotion has reached the intention to quickly landing.

This event aims at developing and consolidating the potential military and civilian products market in North Africa based on the international operation platform of the northern company. During the period of Morocco, Guo Pingxiao was warmly welcomed and enthusiastically received by the Morocco Auto Industry Association, the General Administration of fire control, mineral company and other industries. The host made fruitful exchanges on joint venture, export certification, mine car, fire fighting vehicles and so on.

During the period of Algeria, Guo Pingxiao attended the opening ceremony of the fifty-first Algeria International Fair on behalf of North Ben heavy steam. The Prime Minister of Algeria, the leadership of the government department, and a large number of visitors from Algeria and neighboring countries visited the North run heavy card booth. Guo Pingxiao also exchanged in – depth exchanges with North Ben dealers, Weichai, Yutong, and the representative office of the north company on the changes in Algeria vehicle access, joint venture and other fields.

Through a series of stressful and orderly travel arrangements, the North Russell visitors have fully understood the political and economic environment of Morocco and Algeria as well as the general situation of the local heavy car market, and made valuable first-hand information for the company to further develop the northern African market. Good image has played a positive role in promoting.

Follow North Ben heavy steam Baotou North rush parts will give full play to the great influence of northern companies in Morocco, Algeria government, the army, enterprises and other aspects, to seek new breakthroughs in the North Ben heavy card Baotou North rush parts in Morocco and Algeria military and civilian products market.