North Ben V3 accessories share with you the the Yellow Sea shore new store opening, North run heavy truck expand Yancheng Market

In May 11, 2018, Yancheng Yu Kai auto sales Co., Ltd., a new distributor of North Ben heavy steam, has successfully held the opening ceremony and the 2018 V3ET product promotion conference in Yancheng City, Jiangsu province.

Yancheng is located in the central part of the eastern coastal area of China, located in the central part of Jiangsu province and located on the northern wing of the Yangtze River Delta city group. It is the largest prefecture level city in Jiangsu province. The whole city is flat, with rivers and rivers crisscrossed and rich in property, known as "the land of fish and rice". Yancheng is a new industrial and commercial city in the coastal area of Jiangsu, and also an important regional central city in the Yangtze River Delta. On the auspicious day, at 9:28 in the morning, the opening ceremony of the Yancheng Kai Kai company officially began, and the salute of the salute was booming.

North Ben heavy steam Jiangsu Branch Manager Qin Conghai and all marketing staff, Weichai Power Jiangsu Office Manager Zhang Tao, Shaanxi FA Jiangsu office director Huai Jianwen, manager Yan Heping and industry well-known personage, major logistics company boss, card friends of more than 200 people participated in the event.

In the happy and festive atmosphere, many guests take 2018 V3ET test driving experience, in the process, there are professional technicians to explain the performance of the vehicle. The spacious and comfortable driving space is especially popular with the guests. Car owners, driver friends of such a Mercedes Benz blood, both military standard heavy card products show a strong interest, have to consult the detailed configuration and price.

The activities are colorful and full of guests and friends. Lu Yongsheng, chairman of Yancheng Yu Kai company, published the opening speech. He talked about the Mercedes Benz technology and military quality of the North Ben heavy truck, which is absolutely the benchmark for high-end heavy trucks. I hope to work hand in hand with North Ben heavy truck in the future to win a win-win situation.

Qin Conghai comprehensively introduced the military culture and technology sources of the North Ben heavy truck, and the North Ben heavy truck demonstrated its strength in the important field with excellent military quality. With the advanced and unique Mercedes Benz technology as the core, the North Ben heavy truck is deeply integrated with the leading military technology. Through the digestion and absorption, independent innovation, and the platform and modularization strategy, a series of product platforms of the North V3 accessories heavy card are constructed to create a safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving heavy card product. The guests were applauded.

Zhang Tao tells the strategic partnership of Weichai Power and North Ben heavy card, and explains in detail the advantages of North Ben V3 parts to match the performance of Weichai engine in power, fuel saving and intelligence. It also made interaction with customers on the spot to help customers solve some problems in use.

Yan Heping described the perfect match of the gearbox with the Weichai engine and the North Ben bridge, and the efficient and smooth output power made the North Run V3 accessories V3ET excellent in driving comfort and fuel economy. The scene vigorously signed the policy, the scene atmosphere unceasingly heated up, the order unceasing unceasingly, finally obtained the batch order, this activity has achieved the complete success.